Monday, June 26, 2006

The Pot calling the Kettle Black

I always find it funny and a little hypocritical that European nations, the majority of the time, turn their nose down at American culture as well as American behavior. Having experienced this several times, I am somewhat amussed that these nation's ills always seem to find thier way out of the closet during the World Cup or any other international sporting event. Look at the behavior of the Hooligans that has taken place during the past couple of weeks. Several European countries police forces, have sent officers to deal with thier country's hooligans. Interpol, International Criminal Police Organization, has a database of hooligan fans, from around Europe. When I was studying in London, I got a behind the scenes tour of Arsenal. Arsenal spent $7 million dollars on a security system to deal with hooligan fans. Well the only team here that would spend that much on a system like this is the Eagles. It has also been revealed, to unknowledgable fans in the States, the major problem that black futbol players are experiencing with racism. While we, as Americans, have our own issues with race; I have never known, in the past 20 years, American fans to begin emitating monkees when a black player entered the game. As I have stated we have our issues with race but we have come a long way in terms of confronting race head on. So I wonder which nation is uncivilized now? Last time I checked thier were no monkees in our stands!


Anonymous said...

man, accept it who the hell plays american football other than the americans themselves. And who the hell watches it other than the blue collared midwestern workers. Same goes for baseball. Football on the other hand is played and watched all over the world.

Anonymous said...

Sorry man but thats disrespectful and the same ignorance that you smack down.

First of all you were in London. There's a lot more to the United Kingdom than London. And that behaviour does not go in other cities.

Secondly, on the whole in Europe this is not an overbearing problem. This is something that tends to be stuck in Spain/Portugal. It is not "Europe" as a whole and it really gets up my nose when people speak of Europe as one country. Not evereyone thinks the same way.

This is not the problem that black player experience "as a whole" neither. Show your research and prove it because I do not believe its so.

In terms of American culture...I am a Head Coach of an American Football team in the UK. I enjoy the culture of your country and respect it, but I do not respect some of the choices made at the top office. That does not mean Europe has a disdain for everything american.

Either way, your argument is very shallow and narrow-minded.