Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Striker Magazine and Nike

I love to watch international soccer, so I decided to buy some materials to prepare me for the World Cup. One of the publications that I purchased was Striker magazine. Flipping through the pages there is one glaring fact, Nike spent alot of money on advertising. In fact they are the only advertiser. If you look at the photos that accompany the articles it is hard not to notice the Nike swoosh. This is just the latest blurring of commerce, sport, and journalism. When I bought this magazine I was hoping to find objective articles concerning the World Cup and the international footballers, not international players that are sponsored by Nike. I feel a little dupted by this, because there is no objectivity what so ever because the magazine is based upon Nike's marketing agenda. I know people,who:would say that this is a brillant branding ploy. How do we get people to buy a magazine, whose sole intent is to enhance Nike's reputation as a leader in soccer/football gear? Nike has been trying to become the leader in soccer for the last 15 years, overtaking Adidas. So in this attempt they are trying to enter the world of journalism as well? I wouldn't feel so bad if the name Striker was replaced by a giant swoosh; then it would be buyer beware.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Jonathan - may I suggest you read Backpass Magazine - UK based sports writer Mike Berry started this on subscription only basis last year and it is now available in the shops (UK and Ireland) and on line.